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Why your listing was not noticed

We may notify you of your listing receiving low attention from our other members. Similarly you can view your listing’s performance on the product tab of your Vendor’s Dashboard. If your items or services are not getting the attention they deserve, we suggest updating your listings using the following tips:

  1. Ensure you follow our Listing Rules;
  2. Ensure you follow our guidelines for Listing Description;
  3. Ensure you follow the tips for Images;
  4. Ensure you have provided authenticity proof of your listing.
  5. Ensure you respond to in-platform messages from potential customers or existing customers quickly while practicing excellent customer service.
  6. Ensure you select the appropriate condition for your listed product and appropriate experience for your listed service.

Low Product (listing) Views can result in your listing being hidden because:

  • The images uploaded show only part of the item listed is visible
  • The background of the images uploaded is messy and distracting
  • The image uploaded is too dark or poorly lit
  • The image uploaded is too fuzzy or pixelated
  • The image uploaded does not appropriately represent the listing
  • The item is not portrayed in an eye-catching way. For example it is creased, is lying on the floor or some place unsanitary, etc.
  • You used filters on the image uploaded which distorts the natural and accurate colors of the item
  • A collage has been used instead of a single frame image for the main photo

Reminder: check out our tips for Images to help your items and services get more buyer attention.
We cannot refund the cost of advertising listings if they include prohibited items that we have had to hide or delete for any of the reasons listed above.

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