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SNAD -"Significantly not as described" items

An item is considered SNAD when a user receives an item that is significantly not as described in its listing description and photos.


  • Incorrect size from what was mentioned in the listing’s description or image/s.
  • Image and description did not reflect the item. 
  • Missing item parts.
  • Wrong color. 
  • Counterfeit.
  • Different material from the one mentioned in the listing’s description or image/s.
  • Clearly visible flaw/s that weren’t detailed in the listing either through images or the listing’s description.
  • A damaged item where none of the defects or damages were mentioned in the listing either through images or the listing’s description. Damages can come in the form of rips, breaks, holes, stains or other damages. 


  1. Item/s that the buyer does not like
  2. Item/s that does not fit the buyer even though the listing was accurately described and depicted.
  3. Items that have a slight variation in color due to the item’s lighting at the time the image was captured.

Related Questions

If you have received an item from a seller on, which was delivered to you via our shipping services and you believe it is significantly not as described, please follow the steps below:

The resolution process must begin within 2 calendar days of receiving your item. The process involves the following:

Chat with your seller using the “Ask Seller” button on their store page, to come to an agreement for resolution together.

  • The seller can agree to a return with full refund;
  • or choose to resolve the issue and refund you directly, without having the item returned.

If no resolution is had between the Buyer and Seller, both parties can contact us stating in full their issue. Use the button titled “Report A SNAD Item”.

If the seller confirms item return, our shipping affiliates will collect the item from the seller. The return fee will be deducted from the refund amount.


You can only report SNAD item/s and get a refund if you purchased the item/s using our Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons and completed the checkout process on or our Very Ting app. 

In the event the buyer claims that the item they received from you falls within the category of SNAD (Significantly Not As Described), they should press Report Seller or Item on the item’s page. This will suspend the order and prevent money from being paid until the issue is resolved.

As the seller you can chat with your buyer to find an agreement together. However, if you don’t agree with the issue, you’ll be able to dispute the claim within 14 working days. If you’d like the buyer to return your item, email us at, subjecg line “Item return request” or click the button below titled “Request A Return”. The buyer will then have up to 5 working days to return the order via our affiliated shipping provider. If you choose to resolve the claim and refund the buyer directly without having the item returned, email us at, subject line “Release refund”.

  • If you can’t find an agreement with the buyer about the issue, we’ll step in to help.

A very thorough and in-depth text description makes your listing easier to find and more appealing to buyers or clients. You can improve your chances of selling faster by following our tips here.


If you repeatedly do not follow our rules set out in our listing rules, we’ll have no choice but to remove these items and block your account permanently.

If the item you’re selling came with instructions of use, guidebook, manuals or safety warnings, please ensure that they are included with the item being sold. 

If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love if you can report it to us in the LET US KNOW! section below.

Let us know!

We’re always eager to learn about your experience, questions or thoughts on Have you had an experience you would like to shout about or suggestions on how the marketplace can be improved to better suit your needs? 

We can’t wait to get your opinion! 

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