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About my refund

Your original payment-processing account will receive your reimbursement. The payment method initially used for this order will determine the length of time it takes to process the refund and where it will appear:

If the order is canceled, the reimbursement will show up on the bank card within 7 (seven) business days.

Please get in touch with your bank if it’s not there after 7 (seven) business days. Use the “Contact Us” button below to contact us if they are unable to locate your refund. Provide a screenshot of the transactions on your bank statement between now and the day the order was canceled. You can conceal any information not pertinent to order.

  • The purchase amount may still be deducted (or held as pending) from your account if your payment fails. Nonetheless, you will always receive a complete refund if this occurs. Even if you pay twice inadvertently, you’ll get your second payment back.
  • Your expenses will be entirely covered by your refund. This covers the cost of the item, shipping, and the Very Protection charge.
  • Monday through Friday are considered working days, excluding bank or public holidays.

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The team at reserves the right to change the above-stated rules as we see fit. If you have any questions regarding our rules or any of our other policies, please contact us using the ‘LET US KNOW’ contact form below. 

If you did not use the “Place Order” button to make a purchase, you will need to discuss and arrange the return and refund options directly with your seller. 

If you repeatedly do not follow our rules set out in our listing rules, we’ll have no choice but to remove these items and block your account permanently.

If the item you’re selling came with instructions of use, guidebook, manuals or safety warnings, please ensure that they are included with the item being sold. 

If you notice a suspicious item on or one that does not comply with our above-stated rules, we would love if you can report it to us in the LET US KNOW! section below.

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We’re always eager to learn about your experience, questions or thoughts on Have you had an experience you would like to shout about or suggestions on how the marketplace can be improved to better suit your needs? 

We can’t wait to get your opinion! 

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