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Product Authenticity Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding non-genuine items. 

Therefore, when you list a luxury product, please show its authenticity. Otherwise, we’ll have to hide or delete such listings.

You may be asked for proof of authenticity when you list items by brands that are popular targets for counterfeiters, but may not be luxurious pieces. Please show their authenticity, otherwise your listings will be hidden or deleted.

How to show your item’s authenticity

To let members see that your item is authentic, please upload pictures of the following:

  • Receipt
  • Certificate
  • Tag
  • Logo 
  • Pattern
  • Stitches
  • Original packaging
  • Date code/authenticity code 
  • Any other relevant details that would allow you to show the item’s authenticity

Actions we may take: 

  1. If your listing doesn’t show your item’s authenticity, we’ll hide it and ask you to upload additional pictures of the details mentioned above. 
  2. If your listing offers counterfeit items for sale, we’ll permanently remove it and suspend your account.


  • Always refrain from uploading an item that you suspect to be counterfeit. This way, you’ll avoid unwanted attention from brand owners, law enforcement, and our team.
  • You should only add the actual brand of the item to your listing. Mentioning other brand names violates intellectual property laws. Therefore, we may have to remove such listings.
  • If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love it if you reported it in the LET US KNOW! section below. 
If you repeatedly do not follow our Product Authenticity Policy and intentionally list non-genuine items, we’ll have no choice but to remove these items and block your account permanently.

Let us know!

We’re always eager to learn about your experience or thoughts on Have you had an experience you would like to shout about or suggestions on how the marketplace can be improved to better suit your needs? 

We can’t wait to get your opinion! 

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