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How Should I describe my item?

A very thorough and in-depth text description makes your listing easier to find and more appealing to buyers or clients. 


In order to create a descriptive title you can follow these steps:

  1. Add specific details about the item, e.g., its color, type, brand, name or unique features.
  2. Avoid using adjectives that do not specify how your item differs from others, e.g.: ‘beautiful’, ‘good’, ‘the best’ or ‘perfect’. See the following examples of item titles:

For Home and Giftware items:

  • Can Do: New Square Dinnerware set for family of four
  • Cannot Do: Very lovely dinnerware

For Everyday Goods:

  • Can Do: Barely Used Nike black gym leggings
  • Cannot Do: Nice leggings

For Very Local items:

  • Can Do: Very spicy Grenadian pepper sauce
  • Cannot Do: The Best Hot Sauce

For School Supplies:

  • Can Do: A4 stack of paper
  • Cannot Do: lots of paper

For Farm and Garden items:

  • Can Do: Local garden compost
  • Cannot Do: Good compost

For Entertainment Goods:

  • Can Do: Pre-owned Wii-console without power cable
  • Cannot Do: Fun video game

For Electronics & High Tech Products:

  • Can Do: Bosch Professional 18V Cordless Combi Drill
  • Cannot Do: Powerful drill

For Pet Care Items: 

  • Can Do: Large Reflective Padded Dog Collar
  • Cannot Do: Dog collar


Always include key product details in your item description to provide enough information to help your buyers or customers decide to complete a purchase.

A detailed item description should include information about:

  • Any alterations made to the item such as part replacement, size adjustment, etc.
  • Measurements of the item such as length, width, height, etc.
  • Material/s such as mahogany, plastic, BPA-free, 100% cotton, etc. 
  • Missing brand label, tag or other missing parts the item would have or should have originally possess. 
  • Defects or flaws of the item such as holes, rips or tears, breaks, scratches, marks, stains, creases, stretching, odors, faded color, abrasions, dents, etc.

*Avoid adding unrelated brand names, details or hashtags to the item description. If we find listings like this, our team will hide or delete it. Also, if you have paid for advertising of any such listing, you will not be refunded the fee/s paid. 

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If you repeatedly do not follow our rules set out in our listing rules, we’ll have no choice but to remove these items and block your account permanently.

Ensure you describe the defects or flaws of any item and also show them in your images. This will reduce the product return rate and improve the buyer’s satisfaction.

If the item you’re selling came with instructions of use, guidebook, manuals or safety warnings, please ensure that they are included with the item being sold. 

If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love if you can report it to us in the LET US KNOW! section below.

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