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Home & Giftware Category - WHAT YOU CAN BUY & SELL is a marketplace platform for individuals to buy, sell, donate or give-away or swap their new or second-hand items such as home goods and giftware goods. Listing less than 25 of your home or giftware items on is free.

Earn some extra cash or discover some items that can spice up your living and outdoor quaters.


Here’s a list of what you can buy, donate and sell in each Home subcategory:

Here’s a list of what you can buy, donate and sell in each Giftware subcategory:

Here’s how to upload an item step by step. These steps are the same for all goods.

If an item that you trade came with instructions for use, guidebooks, manuals or safety warnings, please ensure that you include these when you send the item to the buyer.

We reserve the right to redetermine what items are and aren’t allowed to be listed on If we discover that certain items violate our terms or pose any risk to our members, we may remove those items even if they’re not listed below.


You cannot list, sell, trade or donate the following items on (Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is to be considered only as a guide).

Giftware Allowed only if new

In the Giftware category, all items are only allowed if they fit the ‘New with tags’ condition. Sellers and goodwill are prohibited from selling these items if they are not brand-new and lack the original tags or the original packaging. 

These are the most common examples of items we do not allow in the Home and Giftware Categories.

However, our Very Team may have to hide or disable similar items which aren’t mentioned here, if they do not meet our Listing rules or if they’re allowed but uploaded to the wrong category. 

All items that are put on sale should be sterilized, sanitized and cleaned in a way that is suitable to the item’s material or function. Any flaws, spots or similar defects that do not come off during the cleaning or sanitation must be mentioned in the item’s description. If they are not, we may cancel the order or remove the listing. 

Ensuring member compliance

All members must make sure that their listings and items or services comply with our Listing rules. Other members and our auditing team may report a listing of another member that appears to not comply with our listing rules. If your listing is found to not be within compliance of our listing rules, we reserve the right to remove it. You may also be subject to other actions, such as temporary or permanent suspension of your account.

Did you see any prohibited items uploaded by another Very member?

We are always reviewing and monitoring listings on, and removing any prohibited items we may discover. However, we may miss an item or two in our initial review. The Very team will be immensely grateful if you could help us by reporting listing that violate our listing rules or fall within the ‘WHAT YOU CANNOT LIST OR SELL’ section of the Listing Rules page.

Prohibited items and refunds

We cannot refund the cost of promoted items if they include prohibited items or services that we’ve had to hide or delete.

Ensure your listed items are clean or services are reputable and certified

In general, all items that you put on sale should be clean. We recommend washing, sterilizing or disinfecting them in a way suitable to the item’s material or function.  

Any spots, defects, cosmetic defects due to uncleanliness, or similar flaws that don’t wash off must be included in the listing’s description and photos. Please be aware that if they’re not noted, we may have to cancel the order.

Ensure your electronics are safe to use

Damaged electrical devices are deemed a health risk. If your socket-plug or battery-powered device gives off heat and has frayed or loose cables (or any other damage), it CANNOT be sold. 


The team at reserves the right to change the above-stated rules as we see fit. If you have any questions regarding our rules or any of our other policies, please contact us using the ‘LET US KNOW’ contact form below. 

If you repeatedly do not follow our rules set out in our Listing Rules, we’ll have no choice but to remove these items and block your account permanently.

If the item you’re selling came with instructions of use, guidebook, manuals or safety warnings, please ensure that they are included with the item being sold. 

If you notice a suspicious item on or one that does not comply with our above-stated rules, we would love if you can report it to us in the LET US KNOW! section below.

Let us know!

We’re always eager to learn about your experience, questions or thoughts on Have you had an experience you would like to shout about or suggestions on how the marketplace can be improved to better suit your needs? 

We can’t wait to get your opinion! 

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