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Why your listing was hidden or removed

We take content quality seriously at .If our team has discovered a listing does not meet the requirements listed in our Listing Rules, we must either hide or remove it to ensure our rules are not compromised. 

Hidden/Disabled Listings

We may have to hide or disable your listing if: 

  • The item is not in accordance with our Listing Rules
  • You have not provided authenticity proof of your item
  • The listing’s price, condition, size, or tags are inaccurate, unclear, or intentionally misleading. For example:
    • The item description does not match the listing
    • Multiple (and unrelated) brands are mentioned in a single listing
    • The listing is uploaded for the purpose of illegal activities
    • Unrelated or excessive categories or tags are used
    • The item’s description promotes another marketplace
    • The item is placed in the wrong listing category
    • The pictures are of low quality

Deleted listings

We may have to delete your listing if the following are found to be true:

  • The item or service is not allowed to be sold on because it is not in accordance with the Listing Rules
  • The listed item or service is counterfeit or untrue.
  • The pictures used to represent the listing are taken from another website. including stock photos
  • The listed item infringes copyright or any other intellectual property (IP) rights
  • The listed item is reproduced without the copyright/IP holder’s consent
  • The listed item requires an age-rating label, but the label is missing
  • The listed item is made from genuine animal fur, reptile skim, shells or ivory
  • The listed item is uploaded as a request for the item, not the item itself
  • The item is listed more than once and is a duplicate
  • The item promotes terrorism or a terrorist organisation, promotes or displays violence, discrimination, hatred, or crime
  • It’s a cosmetic product or perfume that has been opened/used or that is not in its original sealed packaging (this restriction applies to makeup, cream, lotion, perfumes, makeup wipes, skin products, and hair care products
  • It’s a cosmetic, medicinal, or an electronic grooming product for an animal
  • Underwear bottoms, bedding, or towels are listed without explicitly showing tags and/or original packaging or else they’ll be considered as used.
We cannot refund the cost of advertising listings if they include prohibited items that we have had to hide or delete for any of the reasons listed above.

Quick tips: the same items cannot be listed twice on If you have a few items which are similar or the same, please consider the following: 

  • Create one listing and update the available quantity;
  • If you have the same items in different sizes, take pictures of all items’ label sizes and upload them as the items variety; 
  • If you have the same items in similar colors, use pictures from different angles and add the color to the description for the items variety. Please take good quality pictures in which the color of the item is easily identified.

Did you see a similar item uploaded by another member? We are always monitoring the catalogue and removing any prohibited items. However, we don’t always notice them immediately. We would really appreciate it if you could report listings that violate our rules in the Let Us Know section  below.


  • We will notify you of the reason why we’ve deleted or hidden your listing.
  • If we have hidden your listing, you can improve and republish it. Items or services that violate our Listing Rules are not restored.
  • We will have no choice but to suspend your Very Ting account if you repeatedly do not follow the Listing Rules.
  • We will have to block your account if you repeatedly act against our Product Authenticity Policy.

Let us know!

We’re always eager to learn about your experience or thoughts on Have you had an experience you would like to shout about or suggestions on how the marketplace can be improved to better suit your needs? 

We can’t wait to get your opinion! 

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