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For the safety and satisfaction of our Very customers the following items can be listed for sale or donation on Our listing rules allow the following items to be sold: 


  • Home:
    • Textiles, tableware, paintings, cookware, kitchen utensils and home accessories;
    • Outdoor living and décor such as outdoor furniture accessories, garden furniture, garden furniture covers, BBQs and grilling accessories, garden lighting, outdoor security, outdoor dining, garden décor, pools and accessories;
    • Learn more about home listings that are prohibited or allowed here.
  • Giftware:
    • Christmas cards, calendar & diaries, wrapping, notecards and stationery;
    • Learn more about giftware listings that are prohibited or allowed here.

Everyday goods

  • Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, footwear, and accessories inclusive of products made of cashmere and sheared sheep wool, non-prescription eyewear, special protection, helmets;
  • Maternity accessories, children’s toys, furniture, and childcare equipment;
  • Small tech accessories (e.g. headphones, smartwatches, phone cases);
  • Magazines and stationery supplies such as diaries, calendars and notebooks;
  • New and unused cosmetics, perfumes, and other beauty products or gadgets. 
  • Learn more about everyday goods that are prohibited or allowed here.
  • If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love it if you reported it in the LET US KNOW! section below. 

VERY LOCAL Items & Services

  • Souvenirs, clothing and textiles, local aquaculture produce, local agriculture produce (farm to table), locally made hair products and candles, locally-made agro-processed products;
  • Local services provided by Grenadian residents and or citizens.
  • Learn more about local items and services that are prohibited or allowed here.
  • If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love it if you reported it in the LET US KNOW! section below. 

SCHOOL Supplies & Educational services

  • School uniforms, school uniform materials, accessories, books, writing materials and other educational supplies or gadgets;
  • Educational services which focus on students’ learning & development, such as tutoring; 
  • Learn more about school supplies and educational services listings that are prohibited or allowed here.
  • If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love it if you reported it in the LET US KNOW! section below. 


  • Plants, seeds and bulbs:
  • Houseplants, seeds and bulbs, roses, edible garden, living screens and hedges, climbers and wall scrubs, trees and conifers, bedding & patio plants;
  • Farm and Garden care and maintenance:
  • Compost, soil and mulches, pots and containers, garden tools, power tools, seeds and cuttings, gardenware and accessories, lawn health products, weed, moss and algae control products, doormats, plant protectors and support, indoor gardening items;
  • Farm and Garden services such as:
  • Pest Control, screening and landscaping, soil profile/health analysis, general animal husbandry, lambing, calving, beekeeping, plant health analysis, general agricultural help and tractor work.
  • Learn more about farm and garden items and educational services that are prohibited or allowed here.
  • If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love it if you reported it in the LET US KNOW! section below. 


  • Books with an ISBN code;
  • Video game consoles, accessories, and games (except those featuring loot boxes and digital games);
  • Music and video items, such as CDs, DVDs and Vinyl records;
  • Tabletop or board games and puzzles.
  • Learn more about entertainment goods that are prohibited or allowed here.


  • Kitchen tools or accessories used to make and store food;
  • Power tools for professional tasks or DIY tasks;
  • Smartphones, smartphone parts, tablets, chargers, power banks, TVs, cameras, tech accessories, and similar gadgets;
  • Computers, monitors, and PC parts;
  • Peripherals, Speakers and media players (e.g. DVD/CD players, record players);
  • Small home appliances (e.g. irons, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, microwaves);
  • Electronic items for pets (e.g. grooming items. pet cameras and monitors);
  • Music and sports equipment for adults; 
  • Learn more about electronics and high tech products that are prohibited or allowed here


  • Clothing, accessories, toys, snacks within best before or best by date and bedding;
  • Non-medical or non-vet services, which focus on pets such as bathing, grooming, pet sitting/boarding, pet walking, obedience training and pet spas;
  • Health-certified veterinary and animal health services;
  • Learn more about pet care listings that are prohibited or allowed here


  • Items that do not comply with applicable laws;
  • Counterfeits and items that infringe on copyright or intellectual property (IP) rights;
  • Creative works reproduced without the copyright/IP holder’s consent (e.g. books, films, music, video games);
  • Items subject to age-rating classification with the age-rating labels missing (e.g. video games, films);
  • Food, drinks, and other perishables;
  • Detergents and cleaning chemicals;
  • Medications, professional medical supplies, prescription products, vitamins, and food supplements;
  • Live animals and pets;
  • Veterinary medicines, supplements, treatments, and cosmetic items for animals;
  • Items that promote or display violence, discrimination, hatred, crime, terrorism, or a terrorist organisation;
  • Items received for free, such as samples, church-aid, social-aid, promotional or complimentary items;
  • Items that do not comply with hygiene standards or those that pose a risk to one’s health (e.g. used cosmetics, underwear bottoms, bedding, towels, piercings, etc.);
  • Animal fur, reptile skin, shell, or ivory products;
  • Recalled products;
  • And more: see our Listing Rules for a detailed list of prohibited items.

Did you see any prohibited items uploaded by another Very member?

We are always reviewing and monitoring listings on, and removing any prohibited items we may discover. However, we may miss an item or two in our initial review. The Very team will be immensely grateful if you could help us by reporting listing that violate our listing rules or fall within the ‘WHAT YOU CANNOT LIST OR SELL’ section of this page.

Prohibited items and refunds

We cannot refund the cost of promoted items if they include prohibited items that we’ve had to hide or delete.

Ensure your listed items are clean

In general, all items that you put on sale should be clean. We recommend washing, sterilizing or disinfecting them in a way suitable to the item’s material or function.  

Any spots, defects, cosmetic defects due to uncleanliness, or similar flaws that don’t wash off must be included in the listing’s description and photos. Please be aware that if they’re not noted, we may have to cancel the order.

Ensure your electronics are safe to use

Damaged electrical devices are deemed a health risk. If your socket-plug or battery-powered device gives off heat and has frayed or loose cables (or any other damage), it CANNOT be sold. 


If you repeatedly do not follow our rules set out in our listing rules, we’ll have no choice but to remove these items and block your account permanently.

If the item you’re selling came with instructions of use, guidebook, manuals or safety warnings, please ensure that they are included with the item being sold. 

If you notice a suspicious item on, we would love if you can report it to us in the LET US KNOW! section below.

Let us know!

We’re always eager to learn about your experience or thoughts on Have you had an experience you would like to shout about or suggestions on how the marketplace can be improved to better suit your needs? 

We can’t wait to get your opinion! 

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